The 10 Best Mascaras of All Time

To quote the inimitable Moulin Rouge: “Seasons may change, winter to spring/But I love you until the end of time.” And here we superimpose beauty onto the situation, because there’s no better way to express how we feel toward mascara. Come rain, shine, trend, or time, mascara only improves the situation. Smudge it into your lash line, apply it before you go to sleep, put it on while looking downwards—everyone has their own technique for getting the most out of mascara, but the hunt for the best one can feel never-ending. The only thing to do is work through the thousands of options out there. Kidding. We’ve done the work and narrowed it down to the 10 mascaras our editors keep coming back to. Scroll on for our old favorites, new obsessions, and a few world-shifting tips.

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