The Great Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Your Dog 

 The Great Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Your Dog 

 CBD hemp oil

CBD hemp oil offers great health benefits to human beings. However, unknown to many people, these products are also very beneficial to dogs. These health benefits are similar to those experienced by human beings. This article is dedicated to explaining the various aspects of CBD hemp oil products derived from hemp plant. These facts include a proper explanation of the oil product, the reaction of the oil when consumed by your dog as well as the various uses to which the product is put by the people that own dogs.

Understanding the relationship between CBD oil and hemp

More than 60 active and naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids are contained in the cannabis plant. One of the compounds found in marijuana is cannabidiol, shortened as CBD. CBD is different from THC. THC is the chemical that results in the ‘high’ feeling that people experience from marijuana.

Pet owners who have used CBD products can confirm that they give a lot of benefits as opposed to THC. The only negative side effects experienced may be an increased level of appetite and the dog may also feel a bit drowsy. The reports that are available do not indicate any other negative side effect on dogs.

To have a better insight on the interaction between the dog’s system and CBD hemp oil, we need to have a proper insight into the endocannabinoid system. 

Endocannabinoid System

Just like humans, canines also have endocannabinoids that have receptors. This discovery was made after the isolation that was done by Dr. Ralph Mechoulam on the cannabinoids, THC, and CBD. This system is responsible for regulation of essential body processes such as sensing pain, the level of appetite, memory and sleep.

The molecules of endocannabinoid connect with the cell receptors of the cannabinoid to communicate to the body various occurrences and changes. Since dogs consume nuts and fish that contain fatty acids, their bodies are able to produce endocannabinoids naturally. Cannabinoid receptors also connect to the various cannabinoid molecules that are contained in cannabis. These molecules that are found in cannabis are also vital in enabling the endocannabinoid system of the dog to perform its functions.

As essential as omega 3 and 6 may be for the normal body functions of the dog, the body of the canine may not be able to produce these fatty acids in adequate proportions. They are responsible for maintenance of healthy skin, nice fur, as well as maintenance of proper health of the dog. CBD hemp oil provides additional fatty acids in addition to what the dog is able to produce.

Are there any other additional benefits that dogs can get from the oil? To delve into this subject, we need to look at the various uses of this oil.

Functions performed by CBD Hemp oil

No official medical research has been conducted to ascertain the effect that hemp has on animals. However, there was a study that was done to gauge the perception of the consumers towards Hemp products being given to animals. A sample of 632 people who own pets was picked. Those surveyed, according to the conclusion of the study had the following observations:

  •  77.6% of those surveyed said that their main reason for use of the product was as a result of a prescription from the veterinarian as a remedy to a condition their dogs were suffering from. 
  • Those who perceived the product as safe made about 90% of those that were surveyed. 

Moreover, there are various dietary benefits of hemp. Professionals in the veterinary sector do not always come out openly to praise CBD hemp oil. This is because there is no medical research to back the claim of the benefits of the product. Information that is not clinically proven indicates that CBD hemp oil is also a good remedy for the complications suffered by dogs just like in humans. 

CBD hemp oil has been instrumental in the treatment of various ailments experienced by dogs. He has given the various cases in which CBD oil has been very instrumental. One owner of a dog lavished praises on the great benefits their dogs had obtained from CBD oil.

Are you searching for natural methodologies to help your dog? If so, then CBD hemp oil is the way to go. Give it a try today!

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