17 Movies Everyone Will Be Talking About This Spring

For the most part, you can categorize movies by season. Summer films, for example, are by and large loud, expensive, and action-packed; fall flicks are prestige; and winter films are oddly terrible: a hodgepodge of cheap thrillers and weepy dramas that somehow couldn’t find lodging anywhere else.

But spring movies aren’t so easily defined. They’re all over the place, ranging from busy blockbusters to nail-bitting horror and even a few indies tossed in. The season’s diversity makes it one of the most interesting times for movies—and 2018 is no exception. The films coming out between now and June range in budget, topic, and scope, and most of them seem incredible. These 16, however, are going to be the ones everyone’s discussing at happy hour. From A Quiet Place to Avengers: Infinity War, here are the spring films this year that are absolutely worth your time. And money.

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